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Medium density fiber board (MDF) is a non-structural, interior product and one of the most rapidly growing composite board products to enter the world market in recent years. Although MDF uses much of the same types of recovered and recycled wood waste as Particleboard, it is refined differently using a high energy refiner that acts like in a steam pressurized “digester” allowing the raw material to become softened and to actually change physically and chemically. MDF is an excellent substrate that is very smooth, stable, and flat and offers superior design flexibility.

Particleboard is non-structural, interior product made from wood particles that are often the byproducts from the manufacture of the other wood products such as lumber or paper. The particles are mixed with resins and formed under heat and pressure into a strong, solid board. The board typically consists of several particle layers - a core and two outside layers, or faces.

Thermolaminated is a long-lasting product that glues to MDF by means of heat and pressure in a vacuum machine and gets to imitate wood with a large variety of colors.

Edge banding products are high-quality and high-technology products. The materials that requiere edge banding are acrylic, melamine and veneer laminates that are usually applied on MDF or particle board. These are very modern products with great popularity nowadays.

Painted MDF is a kind of finish that can be plain without grain or it could have grain very similar to natural wood which is achieved by a manually paint job. It can be cut and carved. It is a high-quality product.  

Starboard is the best product for outdoors, environmentally stable, non-toxic and water-resistant. It can be cut, glued, stapled and assembled with the standard carpentry tools.

Accessories: among accessories we have crown moldings, front moldings, light moldings, ropes, dentils, valances, rosettes and fluted fillers.

These are long-lasting product that glues to MDF by means of heat and pressure in a vacuum machine and gets to imitate wood with a large variety of colors. 

Moldings are decorative elements commonly used for kitchen cabinets or other parts in the house for decoration. It consists in a large piece usually with the design of a relief all along and usually placed on top.

Dade Doors Inc. works in close liaison with its suppliers to select North American fine hard wood through environmental-friendly policies.

Most common characteristics of the types of wood we work with:  

Maple: it is a light wood. Its grain is subtle though in some parts it might be dotted. Due to the fact that the grain of maple is tight and soft, this wood is perfect for solid color finishes. Besides it is hard and resistant.

Red oak:  this wood has a natural reddish shade that makes it really beautiful. The grain in the red oak is wide-open and marked. It has uniform stains that vary from dark to light. It is a very hard and resistant wood that darkens slowly with time.

Cherry: it is a wood with very tight, subtle and uniform grain. Depending of the kind of cherry it could be more reddish or greenish. The cherry wood tends to darken when light exposure, either natural or artificial and it occurs rapidly. The cherry has natural characteristics like little knots and grain that add natural beauty and are not considered defects.      

Mahogany: it is one of the finest woods ever, expensive and highly valued by carpenters because it is easy to work with it and lasts long. It is also very resistant to termites and other parasites. Its grain is usually straight and it does not have many knots. It is reddish brown and darkens with time.  

Our online sales web site allows you to personalize your order easily, to obtain the price and place orders comfortably from your office or home. Also, as in every commercial website you can see the total cost of your order, including tax and shipping, before placing it.

When you place an order through our web site it is put in production immediately. We track each of the pieces along the production process through an updated bar code tracking system.

Our sales web site allows you to combine all door designs so there are an unlimited number of combinations and personalized unique designs very easy to create. Also, as you create your door design you can have a preview of it, which is very helpful. You can also see the price.

Click here to see the most popular styles in our catalogue or to start ordering.

You have to define the following details of the design: 


  •       Type of wood
  •       Width and height
  •       Choose the edge (B)
  •       Choose the rail (R)
  •       Choose the panel (P)
  •       Quantity of spaces for glass (vertical/horizontal)
  •       Measurement and position of the hinge holes
  •       Color (if you would like to have us paint it, a color sample is required in order to make a match)


Material with edge banding


  •       Type of material (acrylic/melamine/veneer)
  •       Width and height
  •       unicolor/ bicolor edge and its thickness
  •       vertical/ horizontal grain
  •       Measurement and position of the hinge holes



  •       Design
  •       Width and height
  •       Color
  •       Quantity of spaces for glass (vertical/horizontal)
  •       Vertical/ horizontal grain
  •       Measurement and position of the hinge holes
  •       Back of the door color (white/maple)



  •       Design
  •       Width and height
  •       Color
  •       Measurement and position of the hinge holes


Our website controls the manufacturing time and delivery. You will get an automatic email notifying when your order is ready for pick up and in case of delivery you will get the tracking number.


All the orders must be done through our website www.dadedoors.com you will need to register and once that is done, you will be assigned a member number. 

Acknowledgement of receipt: the client must check and confirm all orders, that includes the shipping policy and method as well as warranty information of the product and time of production. 


Due to the fact that orders are put in production as soon as they are placed and the delivery period of time is relatively short, changes cannot be made to the orders once they are placed. That is why it is very important that the client checks carefully every order before placing it to avoid mistakes.  


Due to the fact that orders are put in production as soon as they are placed, they cannot be canceled. Make sure to double-check your orders very thoroughly before placing them.


Due to the personalized nature of our products, Dade Doors Inc. requires full payment of the order when placing it. Orders are not refundable or exchangeable. The following payment methods are accepted: debit/credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Discover.   

Estimated date of delivery:

The delivery time is subject to changes without previous notice based on the size of the order and the type of material used. Even though we make our very best to stick to the delivery estimated time, there might be delays caused by some unexpected event. The client would be able to know the status of his/her order in our website www.dadedoors.com.

Expedited orders and delivery:

Dade Doors Inc. offers the service of expedited orders that logically requires an additional charge. The expedited orders do not affect the regular delivery time of the rest of the not expedited orders.  


In case of not being satisfied with the merchandise, the client should notify Dade Doors Inc. right after delivery once he/she checked the merchandise. Dade Doors Inc. will consider the options of returning, replacement or a credit for the cost of the order. Any attempt of the client to fix or modify the product without Dade Doors Inc. consent constitute the acceptance of the product by the client so that Dade Doors Inc. is not responsible for the cost of the reparation or the replacement of the merchandise.

Process to return defective merchandise:     

1. All claims must be done within 3 working days from the delivery date. Any claim made after 3 working days from the delivery date will not be considered. Remember it is the client’s responsibility and duty to check all orders at the moment of delivery.   

2. The client must click where it says Claims in the website www.dadedoors.com and fill out the form. Images of the damaged merchandise would be highly appreciated.

3. Dade Doors Inc. would take care of the transportation of the defective merchandise to the factory only if it did in the delivery. Dade Doors Inc. has the right to replace or repair the merchandise after it is received. If it is not possible to repair it Dade Doors Inc. will proceed to re-do the defective merchandise. All the replaced/repaired merchandise will be delivered to the original same address free of charges.   


All the orders will be delivered by delivering companies. Dade Doors Inc. does not take responsibility for delays caused by such companies. Shipping and handling costs are included in the final price in the website.

1. Cost

2. Sizes and terms of the delivering company. 

3. Delivery time

Claims for damages caused during the shipping.

1. Check carefully all packages at the moment they are delivered.

2. If the package damage is obvious, take into account that accepting it and signing the delivery is the client’s responsibility and that action leaves the client no rights to claim for the product to Dade Doors Inc.

3. If the package damage is not obvious, sign the delivery but add a note saying: subject to further inspection.

4. If when opening the package a damage that had not been noticed is found, it is the client’s responsibility to submit a claim to the shipping and delivering company. Dade Doors Inc. has absolutely no responsibility for the damages during the shipping neither for the claim process to the delivering company.      

To submit claims for shipping for orders delivered by other companies rather than Dade Doors Inc., please visit the website of the delivering company used for instructions. Remember the claims for shipping damages must be submitted according to the time the delivering company assigns and the merchandise must be ready for inspection. It would be better if the client has the merchandise already packed so that it is easier and faster to ship.

Min/max Size: for online orders we have stablished a measurement system with a minimum and maximum size in the cabinet parts. In most cases we will accept orders of parts of cabinets different from our standards as long as the order can be shipped and does not surpasses the minimum and maximum sizes our team can process.  

Tolerance policy and specifications regarding warped doors

When wood is exposed to temperature changes and humidity, it naturally expands and warps slightly or adopts an arch shape. Doors of 24” wide and 45”high have a tolerance of 0.25”. We do not guarantee doors bigger than 18” x 45” regarding warping issues.